How to Assemble & Install Your Security Signs

Security signs serve as both a powerful marketing tool for your alarm company and an impactful burglar deterrent for alarm company customers. Proper installation can ensure that your security signs will assist in providing credibility to your company and serve as a visual reminder to possible intruders.

Setup and install your yard signs in 4 easy steps!


Remove the adhesive strip on the back of the yard sign1. Remove the adhesive strip

When you receive your security yard signs, they will contain an adhesive strip on the back. Place the sign on a clean, flat surface with the adhesive strip facing up. Peel off the protective backing from the adhesive strip.

Attach the yard stake to your sign


2. Attach the aluminum yard stake

Lay an aluminum yard stake sideways beside the adhesive strip with the yard stake extending 1” above the top of the sign and the open u-channel of the stake facing away from the adhesive strip. Flip the stake over so it is on top of the adhesive strip with the open end of the stake facing up, away from the security sign.


3. Temporarily add the rubber safety cap

Add the safety cap to the yard stake

Place a rubber safety cap on top of the security sign. Storing them this way will ensure that the safety caps do not get misplaced.


4. Install your alarm security sign in your customer’s yard

Hammer the stake into the ground until it is secure. Replace the safety cap on top of the yard stake.



Click here to download the security sign easy installation guide